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Resin Abrasive
Time: 2013-01-07
Technical Parameter
Resin abrasive
Resin-bond diamond abrasive,is widely used in the polishing line to reduce the SILICON-CARBIDE abrasive cost in polishing vitrtfied tiles. It is made from 180# to 800# to replace the silicon-carbide abrasive. Compared with traditional silicon carbide abrasives, the adventages can be summarized as bellow:
1.Long service life, which is about 50-100 times longer than traditional silicon carbide abrasives.
2.Grinding efficiency is improved by more than 50%, the electricity consumption of grinding spindles is reduced by more than 40%, and the polishing speed is increade by 20% to 30%.
3.Maintenance cost of polishing spindle and belt is reduced by more than 30%.
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