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I Powerful Technical Strength
In the ear of science and technology leading ahead, we make great efforts to fully take advantage of technology.

Adhering to the advanced development method and strict management system, we have continuously increased the investment on new materials and new technologies, so as to provide strong technical guarantee for the prominent quality. We have introduced advanced hot-pressing equipment and two high-precision weighing devices and analyzers; meanwhile, we have organized a skilled technical team.

IAdvanced Production Equipment
With advanced production equipment, profound technical force, special technologies and perfect testing methods, our company specializes in the manufacturing oflevelling hobs, edge grinding wheels, and chamfering wheels, which can be used for surface processing of ceramic tiles, glass, marbles and granites etc. With complete specifications, the products can be used in combination of domestic or imported polishing and grinding production lines. Our company has more than 10 domestic hot presses; meanwhile, we have set up a standard laboratory equipped with high-precision testers, so as to monitor and inspect the process from raw materials to finished products.

I Prominent Product Quality To pursue for prominent product quality, our company have strictly implemented international production, management and quality control; meanwhile, we have established complete internal enterprise control standards, which are even stricter than national and European standards. Our company passed the certification of IS09002 international quality system in 2003, and then carries out international quality certification system, strengthens the quality management and implements international product quality standard. We have set up a complete system of testing, inspection, measuring and monitoring, so as to control production process and ensure persistent product quality. - Fntc~rnrisc~Hc)nn ilr.

A large number of achievements have witnessed the development of Terra Gloss Diamond Tools. Meanwhile, the achievement is also the beginning point to surpass itself and make more glorious accomplishments. In the new trip of development, Xianghong Machinery lays a solid foundation and prepares itself for a new leap.Terra Gloss Diamond Tools further makes sure that it will take innovation as its brand core, strengthen the emphasis on technical innovation, promote its brand position in the areas of market, product and technology, and make unremitting efforts to build up a competitive one-hand year brand.